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About us

Chronopia Communications offers strategic communications and marketing consulting services, along with film productions services.

The company is creatively guided by the vision of communications specialist and film director Julio Munhoz, awarded professional with extensive work history in Canada and abroad.

In film and television we produce high quality corporate, institutional, commercial and educational films for public and private organizations. We also produce independent documentary films for Canadian and international audiences.

Our consulting services range from communications analysis and communications/marketing plans to implementation and coordination of strategic projects.

Based on a unique holistic process, our services result in sustainable business growth to organizations of all sizes and areas.

Strategic Consulting: Communications, Marketing and
Integrative Intelligence

Strategic Consulting: Communications, Marketing and
Integrative Intelligence

Generating sustainable corporate and institutional growth through positive brand awareness is a constant motivation to us.

Our clients act in a variety of fields such as industrial, retail, environment, specialized services, infrastructure, education, culture, public services, and the arts.

We offer consulting services delivering high quality solutions to our clients.

No matter the size of your project, please feel free to contact us for a complete assessment of your needs.

  • Communications analysis
  • Communications and marketing plans
  • Communications supervision and implementation
  • Creation and development of communication pieces
  • Coordination of corporate and institutional campaigns
  • Market research and brand developing
  • Organizational integrative intelligence

Some of the organizations that we have worked with are:

University of Alberta, Novagreen, Agraria,

Home Hunters, Amorc, Avenue Appliance, Agrium,

Alberta Education Department, City of Amparo, Unifenas University,

Caterpillar, QBridge, Folha SP, Tupperware, Shopping Piracicaba,

Folha Campinas, Shopping Vale, Sundre Pioneer Museum.

Words from our clients

  • “We have had the privilege of working with Julio and Chronopia on several occasions over the last few years. His creative ability, and a proactive approach to our requests, has always exceeded our expectations. I highly recommend Chronopia for any strategic or multimedia requirement you may have.”

    Barry Farquharson
    Novagreen, Canada
  • “Working with Chronopia Communications is always a pleasure. Julio has been able to capture the atmosphere and essence of our store in the short promotional video that he has produced. We are very pleased with the result and are excited to use this promotional tool.”

    Faith Giesbrecht
    Avenue Appliance, Edmonton, Canada
  • “We required Julio’s expertise in an international production in Ireland and the US. As always, he was precise: in pre-production and production, both in efficiency and quality. A first-class professional!
    By the way, that wasn’t the first time we worked with him: as a screenwriter and director, every single time we needed him, he was the same precise professional. Julio exceeds in what he does!”

    Philippe Henry
    PH Multivisão e Vídeo, São Paulo, Brazil
  • “Julio has worked with me in many capacities and roles over the last 10 years. He has always been a pleasure to work with and brings lots of enthusiasm and skill to the job – always a joy to work with.”

    Doug Cole
    The Image Works, Canada
  • “We were happy with the experience of doing our first museum
    documentary. Julio and Giovana were a pleasure to work with, they made all our staff and volunteers feel at ease. It was a fun day and we enjoyed creating a digital representation of our museum.”

    Jaime Marr
    Sundre Museum, Canada

Institutional Films

Institutional films

We create unique films for exceptional organizations.

Our projects include educational, promotional, training, commercial, and corporate films.

From concept to script, from production plan to post-production, we do it all.

Communication is our passion, and we embrace it with our brains and hearts!

Some of our films

  • Integrity and Wholeness - Seeking Truth

    A film produced for the University of Alberta about concepts of integrity and wholeness applied to the academic environment and to society.
  • Sundre Pioneer Museum

    A film created and produced to promote the Sundre Musem & World of Wildlife, located in Sundre, Alberta.
  • NovaGreen

    A corporate film about NovaGreen, an environmental company working on sustainable high tech solutions in food and agriculture for the world market.
  • AVA Showroom

    A promotional film about the new showroom of Avenue Appliance, a leader in the retail sector selling high quality European appliances.


Documentary Films

We produce independent creative and artistic films reflecting our interest on social issues, education, history, the environment, the arts, sciences, and sustainability.

From concept to script, from production plan to post-production, we do it all.

Communication is our passion, and we embrace it with our brains and hearts!

Some of our film projects

  • The Luthier and the Mortar Carver

    A film part of a series about professions going through a process of extinction in modern days.
  • Portuguese Cultures in Edmonton

    A film portraying the unique cultural identity and history of this important segment of the multicultural fabric in Edmonton, city in Canada with a long history of attracting immigrants from all over the world.
  • Our Farmland

    A documentary project about the potential elimination of traditional family farms worldwide and the way we relate to the food we eat.
  • Cavaleiro Negro

    A music film produced for singer and composer Giovana Bervian, album A Cor Dar.
  • The Clockmaker and the Cooper

    A film part of a series about professions going through a process of extinction in modern days.
  • Mountain Waves

    A documentary film about Radio Cultura, a strong symbol of cultural resistance to the dominant cultural industry

Family Docs

Family Docs

Family docs are signature short films aimed at generating long lasting memories for those special ones around us. The films follow a unique poetical narrative employing a variety of techniques such as customized scripts, interviews and parallelism applied to film language.

Produced with astonishing professional quality – same as high standard TV broadcast, such films are planned to record on video family stories that will last for generations in the family.

Entertaining, emotional and artistic, such special projects are more affordable than you think.

To produce a unique crafted film for your family, please contact us at:

Some of our films

New Releases


Time_Labour Option1

Labour, Time and Space – Professions under risk of extinction

The series “Labor, Time and Space” portrays five professions under risk of extinction in modern times. The stream in narrative sustains two constant elements: the intention of filming the techniques inherent to each profession, in a way of registering these techniques to future generations, as well as the subtle critique on the acceleration of modern life, a feature that contrasts the natural slow pace of the portrayed professions.

Format: 3 films, DVD, total running time: 67 minutes, Portuguese and English
Supporters: National Film Board of Canada, Edmonton Arts Council, City of Amparo
To order copies, please send an email to:

  • Our guests share details of their professions, and their unique visions in relation to the future of their crafts. Curiously, both specialists have young apprentices learning their crafts, an aspect that brings hope into the chances of the survival of their professions faced with the challenges of modernity.


Portuguese Cultures in Edmonton

Immigrants from the Azores Islands, Brazil, Portugal, Goa and Angola have settled for generations in Edmonton, bringing diverse cultures and a common language: Portuguese. 

Historically and emotionally rooted to the sea, our guests talk about their lives, how they preserve and pass on their language and culture while adapting to the multicultural mix of Edmonton.

Format: DVD, 26 minutes, Portuguese and English
Supporters: Telus Optik TV and Edmonton Arts Council

Film specially invited to: Faro International Film Festival – Portugal,
University of Alberta International Week – Canada,
Porto Alegre International Book Fair – Brazil.

To order copies, please send an email to:

portugueses in edmonton 1


Music is a strong component of our passion in the arts, and it is present on independent album releases and on some of our films.

Our composition styles include incidental, world, experimental, pop and jazz.

A Cor Dar

World music and Brazilian pop combined with a hint of chamber music – original songs by composer Julio Munhoz in the voice of Giovana Bervian, debuting her first solo album.

Album available on iTunes, Spotify, CdBaby, Amazon, Google Music and other music platforms. Click on the album to listen and download the music.

Dreaming Sounds

Instrumental music album by composer Julio Munhoz inspired on the free spirit of incidental music. Music flying with sounds of all colours in a diversity of landscapes.

Album available on iTunes, Spotify, CdBaby, Amazon, Google Music and other music platforms. Click on the album to listen and download the music.

Contact us at: